Leather care

Leather is a natural material and needs the corresponding care. Do you know how to keep it like new? A pair of leather sandals, regardless of the type of leather, can last for years with proper care. The 2 key steps to achieving this are proper cleaning and proper storage.

The first thing you need to do to keep your sandals looking good is to keep them clean. Start by wiping away any dirt and dust with a clean dry cloth. Under no circumstances do it with a sponge or baby wipe because their chemicals can affect the skin. For more difficult stains you can add a little warm water to the cloth (lukewarm)

Suede leather is more difficult to care for. To clean it, we gently use a special cardamom brush on dry skin to remove the dust.

The same brush also has hard metal bristles, which remove the toughest stains, while it also has a rubber or plastic tip to help remove any smudges. Castors are damaged by greasy stains. But in the event that the damage is done, gently dab with paper and lightly pour some talc on the stain, the next morning brush gently.

The leather needs polishing to protect it from water and dust. A product based on wax or seal or duck fat is usually suitable not only to create a waterproof layer on your leather shoe, but also to protect its color. All seal blubber products are not the same so before using anything consult your cobbler.

Also, regarding the use of fat, you should not forget that you do not need to exaggerate. Neither in the quantity you will use, nor in the frequency with which you will maintain your favorite items or shoes.

The way you store your leather sandals plays a special role in their lifespan. Prefer cloth shoe bags for their storage, since in this way the sandals breathe, while at the same time they are protected from dust and sunlight. Your camel shoes need open space but not light. As it is also very important to avoid leaving them in places where there is moisture or mold as they are at risk of getting mold, this is because as you know leather shoes do not stop being a living organism.